The Hardaway Manifesto

Written By K.C. Hardaway

Powered By Plants

Everything placed within your body has a direct effect on what comes from our bodies. The body is a healing mechanism that will cure all things given the time and restraint from toxic entities. Discipline is what separates you from others. No matter what you believe to be difficult, once conquered, all hard decisions appear easy in hindsight.

Finesse Finance

Your decisions determine your livelihood. When spending currency there must be a method to your madness. No person of wealth acts carelessly. For credit, spend it in place of money to act as a gesture of goodwill and use your income to pay yourself back. Over time, lenders will watch your decisions and use your credit history as a foundation to lend you more currency. For money, save all you can and use it as a tool to acquire more. Money is the ultimate resource, but why would one spend it when they can leverage credit to attract avaricious lenders. Never before has credit existed as a tool to bolster financial success; Use it wisely.

Be Definitive

Every decision doesn’t need a reason, sometimes, it’s just the right thing to do. But, to master yourself you must be able to define why you do what you do. Never accept information you haven’t researched. Knowing what you mean is worth its weight in gold and will provide you a level of understanding that prevents you from questioning your decisions. The person who believes they’re “right” will spend wasted time trying to convince others of their beliefs. The person who knows they’re right will speak their truth and happily move to the next venture unabated by the condemnation of others belief systems.

Develop Your Constellation

If you were a sun, what would life be like without others to enlighten. Truthfully, it would be a lonely, isolated, existence consumed by the cold darkness of the universe only to die devoid of doing for others. Loving and being patient with humans regardless of disagreements is the greatest purpose life can offer. Nobody will know their impact on your life until you let them know. Nobody walks your destiny, but to be pivotal in the destinies of others is a gift greater than all the gold in the world because it’s a free choice to enjoy. By comparing people to planets they can better understand the gravity of both your decisions and their own. Also, once a solar system is developed, you will notice how people choose to become a sun no matter the cost. What once started as a single sun, in time, will become a galaxy lasting eons.

Practice Love Energy

Love cures all things. To align yourself within its presence only serves you to be in absolute control over your emotions. Love is the only emotion you can freely give away and always have more to give only if you practice this vibration at all times. Love perfectly replaces any thought or feeling of dis-ease and bolsters happiness, divinity & purity. Like a muscle, you must train your love to always strengthen and never weaken. Never will you know when love is necessary to conquer yourself and this is why it must be practiced.

Hunger For Knowledge

The definitive difference between a person who spends a lifetime making 1 million dollars and the person who makes 100 million before death is their individual hunger for knowledge. Some people believe they must be taught, while others will teach themselves. You cannot put a price on determination; You either want it or not. A poor mindset will wonder why they didn’t have the capabilities to achieve “success,” while the wealthy mindset wonders what successes will they achieve today. A hunger for knowledge develops a person of action & wisdom. No one can teach you to be motivated when you’re not hungry to be your greatest self.

Master Your Being

Every human destiny is unique to the individual. Because you cannot control the actions, feelings or perspectives of others, why would you seek to impress the folly of human actions. Impress yourself and be a proud creator of deeds that will outlast lifetimes. If a person has no direct impact on your decisions, don’t waste the time or energy wondering what they believe about you. Master what you believe about yourself and others will believe in your mastery. A wealthy mindset will appear poor to those making poor decisions. True wealth comes from detaching yourself from the opinions of others. What works for you may not work for others but the mastery of knowing and doing what works for you will acquire a level of success no amount of money can buy.

Relinquish Titles

Our world is built upon a titling system. We gain both delight and despair from titles we deem or receive. No person enjoys being titled unless it’s in positive fashion. But, realize a given title only makes you a tool in another’s toolbox. Never accept any title outside your birth name. This develops individualism even in a sea of common work. Why be another carpenter when you can be Kenneth the Carpenter. The power comes from the name and never the title. Either ignore given titles or speak your truth about its disrespect.

Fortify Failures

Failure breeds inaction. But, decisive leaders accept every condition to battle and plan accordingly. To fail only means you tried enough to know success wouldn’t be worth the journey. Failures teach us to sharpen our wits and wisdom. If the battlefield changes, so does the battle plan. Never become unchanging in a changing world; This is the greatest failure. Every fail is either a blessing or a curse; Choose to see blessings. Mistakes make you human, but never make the same ones twice.

Say Nothing, Tell Nothing

There is a sharp difference in saying something and telling something. One is an opinion and the latter is fact. To discern the difference between the two takes both patience and practice. Patience to listen carefully so you miss not a word and practice in knowing what’s worth remembering. People waste both energy and time trying to force opinions into the life of another; You need not. Cultivate silence so instead of trying to guide you, others will wonder how they can be guided by you. The difference between the wise man and the fool is one opens his mouth.